All gowns are expected to require professional alterations. When we order your gown we order to the most appropriate chart size, which generally means that we fit to the waist. It is common to need the following done on your gown:

  • A hem done – so you can’t trip down the aisle
  • A Bustle  - to hook up your train so you can dance the night away
  • A Nip in on the bust, especially if you have a zip gown, alternatively you can always ask to have bust cups sewn in to give a boost or add some chicken fillets!!

No Alterations professional will touch your gown until right before the wedding, as most brides are trying to lose weight and get into shape. You will also need to have the shoes and underwear that you intend to wear on the day with you to do all your fittings!

Alterations are NOT included in the price of the gown and we generally say budget 20% of your gown cost. For example, if your gown cost $1000 budget $200 more for your alterations.

Ordering your Gown